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    Web Designer Partnership

    Hello all,

    I run The Logo Company

    I have recently had a couple of requests to quote for designing websites. This is not my field. Rather than waste these opportunities, I would like to partner with a webdesigner (preferably European based but not essential). The web designer must have an existing portfolio. The webdesigner must be reasonably priced.

    I will exclusively use one designer (providing they can cope with the demand and technology used).

    This may start Last week I was asked to qoute for a website of 5 pages...brochure type. What would you charge me for this and how soon could you deliver. What about consultations with the would you handle that? What about site updates. Basically I see this as being a long term partnership where you as the designer would charge me a set price...I would mark this up by say xxx% or whatever it is and pass on the fee plus markup to the customer. I would not want the customer to be enticed away by the desiner...I don't see that working long term.

    Do you use a proposal kit so that the quote looks professional. Do you have a survey for customers to get a feel for what they want. This is the kind of partnership I am looking for.

    If you are interested in working with me on this, please send me an email to [email protected] and tell me why it should be you.

    Thanks Simon

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    i would be interested in making some logos...

    <<EDIT: He does logos, he's looking for someone who designs web sites>>

    how much does the job pay?
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    I will not reply to any other post in this thread. Please email me if you are interested in working with me as a webdesigner as stated in my post. I should have added a pre-requisite that it is important that the webdesigner can understand simple instructions so that they can transfere the customers wishes into reality.


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