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    Thumbs down Lunarpages Review- Lunarpages Has Stabbed Me In the Heart

    Lunarpages Has Stabed Be In the Heart. I stayed with them even as I read countless bad reports on them.

    I have been with them for over 1 year and paid extra for their services when I could have had accounts on Host Gator, a dedicated or a VPS like my other domains.

    As an idiot, I kept some of my most important sites on lunarpages.

    Guess what they did to repay me:

    They suspend my account (deleted FTP, Cpanel everything...) sending me an email with no prior notice.

    Ie my sites are all giving 404s - they are all gone. Reason was some "weird scripts" that were vbulletin related. I can understand their need for security but why not delete the files or ask me to delete them?

    Instead they deleted my whole ACCOUNT....

    I am really really ticked off. I have asked for remote backups. None work. I cant even move my files they havent even given me access to my files. Nor did they give me prior notice so that I could.

    I will never have an account with lunarpages nor do I recommend one.

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    One post and that's how you introduce yourself?


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    I have been a lurker reading posts. Sorry for the sad post but it really woke me up. I am looking into VPS and dedicated for the sites now.

    I dont want crap from anyone anymore, especially after losing hundreds of dollars due to lost sales and adsense.
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    what domain is it?
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    Unfortunately I cannot go too in depth about this issue since we don't provide customer account details, but I did want to clarify that the account was not deleted and I am communicating with the original poster via a ticket on our helpdesk system.

    Steven Priest
    Supervisor, Customer Services
    Lunarpages Webhosting

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    This happened a week ago and I still havent heard from anyone let alone Steven.

    Its another site that you are dealing with at the moment, not mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by e-places
    what domain is it?
    None of your business...

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    My apologies, I thought you were someone else I was working with. If you wish, please PM me your ticket reference numbers or your domain and I can look into the matter for you.

    Steven Priest
    Supervisor, Customer Services
    Lunarpages Webhosting

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    Quote Originally Posted by ihatelunarpages
    None of your business...
    It's the forum rules, you must share your domain or this whole thread will end up getting deleted. What's with the attitude towards forum members?

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    Take a seat. He's just trying to help.

    I really don't see the point of registering a name like that would help with your issue but good luck.
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    Ok. Lunarpages gave my webmaster a backup 2-3 days ago and was finally able to put the site back up. I was in contact with her this morning.

    I was able to negotiate a refund as well.

    Pretty nuts of them to do that without notice however... not sure what to do with lost money and google rankings that may be affected as a result. Not worth the troubles...

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    It's pretty hard to reply to this since no real details or domain name have been given. Lunarpages does not suspend sites on a whim. If your site was causing an issue on the server, like any webhost, they have to protect the server and everyone else on it as fast as possible. If it was exploited, they have to protect everyone on the internet as well. Keep in mind also that every minute a hacker has access to your account, they can delete your files, alter them to add a hidden backdoor, and steal customer information.

    I'm sure they tried to email you. Hopefully you didn't use an email address associated to a domain hosted on the account as your contact address.

    If they asked you to leave, it would have been either because your account had caused issues or been exploited several times, or was causing such a severe issue that they just could not host it anymore.

    For any website, I recommend backing up your files often so you can get back online quickly if something like this happens. There are also simple scripts that you can run every so often with a cron job to have your databases emailed to you or backed up to the server or an outside FTP server.

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    I'll second what is said about Lunarpages. They are an absmal McHost whose priority is to lure in as many customers as possible without bothering about the quality of their service. I challenge anybody to ring their telephone support line and see if somebody picks it up. I have tried to call ten times in the last six months and never been able to get through once, despite hanging on for ages.

    Just today my entire website was down because Lunarpages moved it to a new server (without asking me) and screwed up. The website, has over 17,000 references to it in Google and is critical to my business. I sat drowing in sweat for hours. I couldn't get hold of anybody at Lunarpages by telephone or live chat and the one support response I received ws addressing an unrelated issue.

    Worse thing of the lot is Lunarpages censors criticism them on their forums more so than any webhost I have ever know. Every time I post a comment about downtime or not being able to get hold of anybody on the telephone, they delete the post saying it is "incorrect". I have never met a company with such a Stalinesque censorship policy.

    I have feared posting anything negative about Lunarpages on other forums because I've been worried about them closing down my account. But, after having suffered so much stress because of them today, I don't care any more.

    I am going to back up by entire site now, because I'm worried they will close down my account after reading this. They are not the type of company to take on board criticism and use it to improve their offerings; their obsession is to stifle any criticism.

    I am now suffering pain in my heart for the first time in my life because of how badly Lunarpages have treated me today. Their arrogance shows no bounds - they are smug, full of hype and yet don't give a damn about ruining customers' businesses.
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    Basically, the larger the company, the larger amount of people complaining...

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    Just this week, I had to contact LunarPages in regards to a new client I took on and they had a account with them.
    Their phone # is abysmal. I tried calling various times and it would just be *on hold waiting music* foreverr.

    The kicker is after waiting on hold for 25 minutes, it then rung as if it queued to a person but went straight to a callback voicemail. Anyhow, I called very late one night when I got home and I did reach a live person eventuallly.................

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    We have no intentions of closing the site down, this would be petty. We have resolved the issue via the our helpdesk today, and this issue is considered closed.

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    As a note, we are well aware of the concerns with our Phone System that began roughly 90 days ago.

    We have been working to implement a new Phone system which is far more robust and will be able to handle what the old / current system has done in the past and more.

    The issue with the current system as I noted, began 90 days ago roughly. Beginning with simple inconsistencies in performance that required a reboot at the end of a day, through to a major malfunction with the administrative features.

    We had hoped to have the new system in place last week, however, there have been some delays and we are currently working to get it setup as soon as possible.

    Unfortunately, during this time there will continue to be issues with dropped calls, and possible lengthy hold times. We are working as quickly as we can to get it all switched over as soon and as smoothly as possible.

    We have posted about this on our forums numerous times.

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