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    Migrating from PLESK to HSPHERE

    Hi, We had a problem with out server and it crashed. We were running it with PLESK. Now what I want to do is, meanwhile I get that machine back, I want to migrate/transfer all the sites and everything running over it to HSPHERE. Any suggestions/ideas how to implement? any idea what will be the ups and downs?

    There is apache 1.3.24 running exploit in the wild so, its dangerous to use plesk unless or untill the new version/fixes are released. So at the moment, just let me know how to transfer all the files from plesk to hsphere. There were around 200 web sites running on the machine.

    Let me know if anything can be done.


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    I know that psoft has migration scripts for cpanel. They may have them for plesk as well.

    Contact them and see.
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    Don't suppose you know if they have a script for moving from Ensim?


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