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    How to MRTG from source on CENTOS 4.4

    I have all libraries installed.. but do have lot of problems getting mrtg working following this guide:
    Most problems are with cfgmaker, this guide is not clear...

    I need to install mrtg from source because my db3 rpm database got corrupted and I can not install any rpm file using yum or rpm -i package.. so this is my only solution to get mrtg working.

    Does anyone know a clear way to install mrtg from source on CentOS 4.4?


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    Hi Sh4ka :

    I would say that you better fix the problem with rpm database because most control panels use rpm to update system software ( by yum or up2date ).

    AFAIK, cfgmaker is a script that use to create mrtg.cfg ( mrtg configuration file ). if your problem is only with it, you can get from any mrtg's rpm using rpm2cpio and cpio commands.

    we can help better if you tell us what the exact error you have ....

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