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    How do I get company name on credit card statements?

    Let's say I am starting a business (not hosting), what type of service, or what "feature" do I look for so when the customer orders something, let's say a book from a fictious company called "123 Books". Well when they get the statement for that credit card, how do I make it say "123 Books" and such?

    I guess I'm asking what service or feature would I need.

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    A merchant account is needed
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    This is very often costly, if your company does not generate alot of revenue, if your sales are low use a company like 2checkout, once sales increase you can get a merchant account.

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    WorldPay allows your company name to appear on all transactions related to your company. It show up as "WP-COMPANYNAME". They're on the expensive side, but their service is great!

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    You would probably have to pay a bit more for your name to appear on the credit card statement. Probably better just to stick with the name they give you.

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    My merchant company, who resells, supposedly puts my DBA name on Credit Statements. It's inclusive of the merchant account service.


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    Worldpay does this because they are not a payment processor.
    They try to tell you they are but if you apply for a merchant ID through another bank they will "find" your existing merchant ID through Natwest (Worldpay) and tell you you don't need a new one.

    Worldpay is an enigma.
    They want to behave like a payment processor but they provide real merchant accounts as the mechanism for their customers systems.
    They also have a very dodgy UK tax position
    and they havbe introduced a per transaction charge in the Uk without lowering their rates to US levels.

    (rant over)

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    So does the fact that we already have a merchant account already thanks to worldpay help at all if we decided to move away from them one day?
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    Only if you want to stay with Natwest!

    I actually applied for an Amex merchant accouint which is a seperate process and they told me they were sick of Worldpay not telling their customers they alrerady had Amex accounts.
    They would have charged us money to apply for a new one but there was no need.

    Also if you query a transaction they get you to contact Natwest streamline directly (thats when their cover as a payment processor really gets blown)

    If they were a payment processor your business name would not be on customers credit cards statements.

    On the other hand they like to have their cake and eat it.
    I wanted our VAT number on our receipts.
    They said "you can't do that because the customer is buying the service from us"
    So I said: "why is your VAT number not on there"
    To which they said: "we are registered in Jersey"
    To which I said: "not since last year you aren't"

    If they continue to claim they are supplying the goods and services then they are liable for charging the customers VAT.
    They are going to have to jump one way or another or they are
    going to get in serious trouble either way.

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    306 also offers you name to appear on the statement, but though no real merchant account. Well they say so, and feels alot like one.

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    RevECom allows your name to appear on slips as well
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    They say (used to say?) that on the site but I've not heard of one person who has this feature. Last was posted, this was something scheduled to be removed form the site, however I don't know if it has or not... a quick look and I didn't see it listed as a feature. - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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