I've decided to sell off cpanelhosts.com domain name and forum. Although the forum has not been maintained for quite some time, the domain and forum are worth quite a bit to the right person.

I'm starting the bidding at $200US but I expect the domain name itself to sell for a lot more than that on it's own.

This is an AUCTION ending Dec 1st 2006 11:59pm EST. The highest/last bid timestamped no later will be the auction winner.

Starting bid is $200US

**NOTE: BIDS BY PM ONLY.....any bids posted will be ignored, this is a blind auction. You may though post questions and comments.

The domain is currently registered through us (we are a Tucows reseller), and is set to expire May 2007. You may keep us as the registrar for the domain, or transfer it out. If kept with us, we will change the domain ownership over to the winner.

The Auction is also listed at the following: