Hi All,

My name is Ajith and I have 2 years of solid experience working as Level 1 & 2 Sysadmin. I have 2 years of solid industry experience working on Linux,FreeBSD,Cpanel etc.

I am a person who not only work for customer satisfaction but work towards to attain customer delight which is the success of any business. I also have experience in managing 3 Junior engineers (sysadmin ) . Now I am looking for a job in level I/II c-panel administration.

Please read through my details:


# Contact details:[email protected]

#Location, country and timezone:Kerala/India,Timezone:GMT+5.30;IST

# Hours Available : Any time.

#Martial Status: Single

#Job Type: Remote
Technical Skills:

* Compiled general software packages from source, such as Kernel, Apache, PHP, etc.
* Update kernel to the latest release + security patches
* Removal of insecure packages and unnecessary software
* Securing PHP
* Apache / MySQL tweaking for maximum performance
* Used chkconfig to create new system startup entries and manage existing ones
* Edited and secured iptables rules for system security
* Updated kernels from vanilla source and RedHat RPM.
* Managed crontabs to automate system tasks
* Monitored system workload and maintained a safe working environment for
other applications
* Responsible for stability and performance of the server
* Fixed SSL Problems with Apache
* Custom module compilation in php,kernel
*Very good in PHP/MYSQL programming.
Please send me an e-mail to 2006.ajith[at]gmail.com if you want to know more about me.