I was looking through some referrer logs today and found something rather strange. A referring site, askwebhosting.com, which I knew we didn't use for advertising, listing, etc.

I took a look at the referring page and it seems they are taking posts from the WHT offers section, changing the titles slightly (and for the worse, I might add) and posting them as special offers. Heck, the signature is even taken from WHT.

Is this an unauthorized listing or is WHT syndicating their offers section to askwebhosting.com? If it's syndication, I would suggest the titles are cleaned up because the original title does not exactly match that which is posted in the offers section.


Syndicated version: http://www.askwebhosting.com/special...e_experts.html

Original version: http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=561822