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    Hey Everyone!

    I just released my new design for my Web Hosting Company.

    I would like to know what you think of the design, as well as loading speeds, usability, etc.

    Thank you.

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    Overall, I'm rather fond of the design. I like the simplicity and "Web 2.0" style which was used. I would however, experiment a bit more with the possibilites of adding more content too each of the pages (ex: hosting, reseller, etc.) and offering more support mediums to your clients (FAQ, Animated Tutorials, etc.).

    One of the big things that really popped out at me was the bridge picture on the pages. Is the bridge used to represent the "shock" that one might receive when high up? If that's not it, I'm not really sure the purpose of that image.

    Great work overall!

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    Thank you.

    Just for everyone else, and if you check back, the bridge has nothing to do with "Shock". We were originally looking for an image that would represent it, but finding one, that we could use was extremely hard.

    I will get to work on your suggestions very soon.

    Thanks again!

    If anyone else has comments, please do reply.

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    You could use a car crash test as a symbol for a shock or an earth qauke, but Iam not sure if you really want that ;-)
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    i like your website , good going

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    Yes it looks nice, I've seen that design before and it's nice to see you've made good use of it.

    Perhaps you should make mouseovers for the menu bar though? i.e. the background darkens. I also think you should make the menu links the whole square and not just the writing.


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    Very clean, simeple and professional. I would suggest makeing ht eimages of the ccomputer (shared, reseller, etc) links.

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    I like it. Nice design and looks professional.

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    Very nice and clean layout although I do wonder what that bridge has to do with hosting. I would give it a 9/10 because of the bridge .

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