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    Moniker's Difference between Change DNS and New DNS Nameserver

    I have just set up a VPS for my first time. For this example lets say its domain is I have also set up this VPS to be my nameserver to ( and

    I am now trying to get my domain to to point to and use this VPS but I am having trouble. My domain name is registered with Moniker.

    At Monkier, there seems to be two things you can do 1) Change your DNS nameserver or 2)Create a new DNS nameserver. I am not sure what the difference is or which I need to do.

    I have tried the 1st one. At Moniker by default it is set up to use their nameserver. I changed this and click on custom namerserver and put in and It has been 5 days. When I whois it lists these updated servers but when I ping it shows the old IP address.

    Any help or guidence would be appreciated.


    PS Since my nameservers are with my VPS do I need to tell Moniker (my domain and domain registrar) an IP address or just the and

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    Click the domain from the domain list.

    Then click the DNS tab at the top.

    Then click on the domain name again when it shows up in the DNS table under "Domain Name" on the DNS Management Page.

    You can enter your nameservers here.
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    Thank you for the reply. That is what I have tried. I followed the steps you laid out and then clicked "Custom Nameservers" and entered my nameserver there. But I did that 5 days ago and when I ping my domain I still get the old IP.

    Thanks again. I really appreciate any help.


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    If these are .com nameservers being talked about, here's what I suggest:

    1. Go to the Registry: .

    2. Type the nameserver in question (e.g.

    3. Click the circle beside Nameserver.

    4. Hit Search.

    The VeriSign COM NET Registry should then tell you what's the "authoritative" IP
    IP address of the nameserver in question. If it shows the correct IP address and
    Moniker confirms the same thing, then there might be a cached result somewhere

    But if it shows the incorrect IP address, then log inside your Moniker account and
    update them quickly. Ask Moniker for help if necessary.

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    Humm, I must be further from correct then I thought. The whois from verisign (as the previous post suggested I do) says "No Match for nameserver. This kind of leaves me not knowing what I should do. If anyone has suggestions for me I am all ears. Otherwise, I guess I will call Moniker and my VPS. Thank you for the posts and the help.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jherzog
    "No Match for nameserver.
    Looks like the nameserver's not registered.

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