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    Cool THREE x TEMPLATES = $20


    Clearing my drive and found some nice templates I bought some time ago but have no use for.

    Two email templates & one hosting template.

    All comes html coded along with the PSD files.
    The hosting template has got one sub page.

    I am only selling those together - $20 only
    Will only be sold once - you will have the full rights!

    Previews here:

    Paypal only.

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    I may buy them if you take the source company header in the subpage.


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    Hi Luke,
    I am not sure if you meant that the subpage was hard to see from the preview image - anyhow, I have published a new preview image now.

    The three templates are still available for the Dream Price $20 !

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    If I need you to further customize it (such as changing colour scheme, Make editable in the same header/footer file, etc),

    How much I must add? - Never pay more for your logo!

    Professional Design & Low Prices. We Design Until You are Satisfied Guaranteed!
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    These don't look too bad Im actully working on how to do designs like this. Your site though gives me an "PayPal" feeling hehe.

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    edu4vision: I am afraid I not the proper person making such changes for you. There are more skilled people out here for that task! :-)
    Frimon86: *smile* it is the scripts standard theme :-)

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    Templates are still available!

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