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    ClientExec Thanksgiving Promotion and 2.8 prerelease notice

    We are one week away from the release of version 2.8 of ClientExec! We would like to thank the entire hosting community on this Thanksgiving Day by providing this special pre release promotion. Get your copy of CE today and get a 25% savings on an owned license or two months of our leased license for free. For owned licenses we are providing a special bonus. Purchase during this sale and get one year of free upgrades and support as opposed to six months. That is an additional $29.70 value for purchasing a little early then our 2.8 release date.

    25% off owned license: TO2006
    * comes with an additional 6 months of free upgrades and support

    1 month off leased license: TL2006

    For those of you who are not currently beta testing Version 2.8. I have included the change log below.

    Also as a personal note on this day of thanks. I would like to thank the thousands of hosting companies out there that our using our software. We strive first and foremost to provide you with top notch support as it is due to your word of mouth that we continue to grow at such an impressive rate. Iím very happy to server you and am looking forward to a VERY productive 2007.

    Alberto Vasquez
    NEWEDGE Services Inc.

    P.S. Do not forget to get your free copy of PublishExec today. - create collaborative documentation online today!

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    * Requirements:
    - Added support for MySQL 5.1.x Strict.
    - Internet Explorer 7 fully supported.

    * Announcements:
    - Request #491: State how many emails were sent.
    - Request #373: Do not attach the excerpt to emails sent and make the excerpt non-mandatory.
    - Request #337: Allow announcements to be sent based on client status.
    - Allow admin to override client opt-out choice to allow the sending of important emails.

    * Dashboard:
    - Request #214: Searching by email also searches alternate emails.
    - Request #330: Added customer name, invoice amount and due date to the uninvoiced work table.
    - Changed all actions perfomed on each individual snapshot to be asynchrounous calls to server
    This improves overall performance as only the snapshots will be reloaded after the actions are performed and
    for some actions the snapshot will not even need to be reloaded, saving in a lot of unneeded requests to server.
    - Added filter to tickets. Allowing quick filtering of tickets by: those assigned to staff, unassigend tickets, and all tickets visable to the user group
    - Grouped the two seperate snapshots, unassigned tickets and my tickets for staff members, filters can not be used if staff wants to view seperately.
    - Added ability to validate ( passphrase ) credit cards from the home snapshot listing those users with credit cards needing validation

    * Billing:
    - Request #448: Alphabetize billing type dropdown menu when creating invoice entries.
    - Request #691: Package Add-ons in Recurring Overview - Instead of showing Package Add - on, show the name & description of the addon.

    * Clients:
    - Request #451: Add attach file to email client.
    - Request #542: Prevent the user from seeing the package information while it is still pending.
    - Request #31: Allow packages to be marked as active, suspended or cancelled with the ability to trigger server plugins.
    - Request #447: Only tick the register domain activation box if customer requested a domain registration.
    - Request #652: Show the customer's domain name in the Client List & Change the word Package for Domain name on the dropdown option list for Search.
    - Request #438: "User Search" now takes you to the corresponding item (user, domain, invoice, or ticket).
    - Request #500: Implemented "Delete Credit Card" at client profile.

    * Plugins:
    - Added payment gateway plugin for Chronopay.
    - Request #29: In the package type settings, added bandwidth and disk space settings for CPanel reseller accounts.
    - Added upcoming batch invoice notifier service to alert customers whose credit cards are going to be charged.
    - Request #225: Improved cpanel error messages and handling.
    - Request #344: Expiring credit card notifier service.
    - New Report: Income Growth - Displays income trends from previous month and year.
    - Request #512: Show pop up confirming the package deletion using the plugin, only if the package has a plugin.
    - Request #391: Executing service takes you to different service if not viewing all settings. Now it returns to the service previously executed.
    - Added upcoming batch invoice notifier service to alert customers whose credit cards are going to be charged.
    - Request #540: Add message to ticket logs stating that a file was attached.
    - Request #523: Add Suspend/UnSuspend functions to server plugins.
    - Request #620: Implemented package addon plugin variables support for CPanel.
    - Request #644: Added new Teamspeak server plugin.
    - Request #485: New service "Auto Suspend": Automatically suspends overdue packages.
    - Request #617: Updated Directi plugin to API version 3.
    - Updated DirectAdmin plugin to check for the new return messages when creating accounts and changing packages.
    - Bug #677: Addon "Support Ticket type editor" when adding a duplicate trouble ticket name, mysql was returning an error

    * Signup:
    - Request #139: Added multilingual support for MaxMind telephone verification based on the customer's preferred language. Note: MaxMind supports English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese.
    - Added credit card bin number and email md5 to maxmind integration.
    - Added ability to set a minimum MaxMind fraud score before triggering telephone verification.
    - Request #499: Added dynamic generation of credit card expiration years so expired credit cards cannot be accepted.
    - Request #106: When client selects transfer domain the first charge is the transfer fee and future charges are billed as the domain renewal.
    - Request #643: Update MaxMind to version 1.43 adding UsernameMD5 and PasswordMD5 fraud check.
    - Request #515: Implemented error detection when searching domain name availability.
    - Request #598: Add ability to modify sort order for package add-ons.
    - Request #237: Allowed "HTML" in the Terms and Conditions template
    - Request #654: Domain value in URL working as expected in signup when specifying package type and domain through the URL in signup.

    * Support:
    - Request #297: Added "Reply above this line" to support ticket emails to allow for stripping of previous replies.
    - Request #163: Prepopulate the admin signature into support ticket replies.
    - Request #17: Do not allow tickets to be reopened by customers after x days.
    - Request #426: Allow admin to change a ticket's priority.
    - Request #277: Allow admin to change a ticket's category.
    - Request #216: Allow admin to edit/delete a ticket reply.
    - Allow admin to edit a ticket subject.
    - Request #383: Create ticket when emails are sent from alternate email addresses.
    - Request #200: Ability for the estimated time to be reset when ticket has been re-opened.
    - The elapsed time of the closed tickets was showing in hours and minutes. Now it shows in weeks, days, hours and minutes.
    - Email pipping wasn't bouncing back emails that weren't from users.
    - Request #690: Implemented SELECT ALL/NONE for tickets.

    * Others:
    - Added new custom field type (Date)
    - Request #332: Allow SMTP Port selection.
    - Request #397: Announcements table should be sorted by date by default.
    - Request #388: Removed initial Welcome Message Setting, and removed the corresponding field in the users table.
    - Request #440: Moved 'servers' link back to the admin menu from the plugins screen.
    - Request #219: Convert the checkform javascript library to regular expressions for better accuracy.
    - Drop Down yes/no now use the size field for width on custom fields.
    - Request #649: Server list is sorted alphabetically to make it easier to find the correct server.
    - Request #640: New "Get New Password Template" on email templates
    - Request #153: Fixed packages price sort
    - Request #25: When an inactive user pays an overdue invoice a ticket will be opened notifying the admin. If the user is paying using an autopayment plugin a ticket is opened when their profile/credit card is updated so the admin can reprocess the invoice.
    - Request #661: Redirect from index.php to install.php when the installation hasn't been done yet.
    - Add to the backup the creation scripts of the DB.
    - Request #664: Added credit year drop list years upto 2020.
    - Added translation capabilities for plugins, servers and settings. Also added many missing translation entries. Updated Spanish translation.
    - Added setting to show the script's execution time in the footer.
    - Request #666: Show packages dropdown ordered by price.

    * Bugs Fixed:
    - Bug #579: Language change to reflect change of domain to package
    - Bug #593: Error removing all packages from package types that contained a single quote in the package type name
    - Bug #548: Fixed when editing invoice entries, CE asking to pick billing type when one has already been selected
    - Bug #486: Fixed rounding problem which at times caused incorrect values being displayed when applying tax
    - Bug #415: Fixed incorrect message of transaction failed when entering incorrect passphrase.
    - Bug #119: If there are 2 profile fields of the type "address" then plugins are "confused" and may use an empty address field rather than the populated one.
    - Bug #484: Server Status Report giving plugin error mail.
    - Bug #374: When creating a new package type and importing packages, the "allow in signup" checkboxes setting weren't preserved.
    - Bug #460: Server info tab not returning correct charset encoding.
    - Bug #399: When a customer updated his profile, the organization checkbox was reset.
    - Bluepay wasn't passing customer email address or phone number and needed a debugging statement removed.
    - Bug #474: When deleting a selected customer from the client list the client wasn't being deselected.
    - Bug #461: Billing staff were unable to see tickets assigned to them.
    - Bug #472: Properly activate users from the dashboard so packages are never activated twice and the user is always activated before their packages.
    - Bug #627: Wrong IP was being logged when the request came from some NAT routers.
    - In signup, when using Paypal Subscriptions, a subscription wasn't being created if using a coupon that would only make the first payment free.
    - Bug #558: Use the due date of the package and not uninvoiced work when generating invoices.
    - If admin and customer had different languages, PDF invoice was being sent with the admin's language.
    - Bug #687: Set charset meta tag in login screen.
    - Fixed Import Packages to import servers.
    - Bug #692: serverstatus plugin not working when there are multiple servers and at least one not having the stats URL set.
    - Bug #678: ticket overview sort not working for the time elapsed column.

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    Wow, very nice deal Alberto.

    I think I'll have to be smart and wait to see how it actually works first though.

    The most important new feature for me and I think alot of others is the auto-suspend feature.

    - Is this a fully automated api that will automatically go into a que ready for the command to go to whm and actually suspend the account?
    - Are there overdue invoices sent out to the clients at set by you intervals?
    - Where is this type of activity logged? Is it in the ticketing system or is it a seperate section?


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    I wish I saw this yesterday when I bought my license! Oh well...

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    I've used ClientExec since early on in the 2.x series, and it's amazing! I can't wait for 2.8.0 to come out of beta. It seems like with every new release are new, amazing, and very useful features.

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    Do you have a template like awbs so we can use a whole web site?

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    Nafadya: You are the first person I've heard compliment AWBS's template system.
    I really don't like it either and hope that no one ever adopts this same system.

    How about an answer to my questions Alberto?

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    Quote Originally Posted by messa
    - Is this a fully automated api that will automatically go into a que ready for the command to go to whm and actually suspend the account?
    - Are there overdue invoices sent out to the clients at set by you intervals?
    - Where is this type of activity logged? Is it in the ticketing system or is it a seperate section?
    Here's the way auto suspend works:
    The auto suspend is implemented as a plugin service which runs by cron. You can view accounts that are pending suspension in the area where the service is configured. The accounts in that list will be suspended upon the next run of that service. When the accounts are suspended it will mark them as suspended in Clientexec and suspend them on the server (cpanel, plesk, etc). When the service finishes it sends an email with a list of the suspended accounts by email to your notification email address.

    There is a service that will send overdue invoice reminders to customers that works similar to that of the auto suspend.
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    Thanks Mike,

    I assume you're the same Mike from ce-talk.
    I can't wait to try it out more when it goes to demo on CE.

    Do we have an idea of when it will be released officially?


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    Yes, I am Mike from ce-talk.

    Look for 2.8 to be released this coming week.
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    two months of our leased license for free
    Sounds like a pretty awesome deal, but

    1 month off leased license: TL2006
    So its one month or two?

    And the coupon is not working .... was it only good for one day ?
    Three out of four people make up 75 percent of the population

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    The promotion was for Thanksgiving Day is why the coupon is no longer working. If anyone has purchased using the coupon they can contact us regarding the 2-month vs. 1-month. We will honor the 2-month statement.

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    Are you going to have a promotion for the upcomming Christmas holiday? I attempted to purchase it through this promotion but something happened and it didn't go through. I tried again and by that time the code was expired.

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    There might be something but not the same deal. 2.8 is coming out and since it is a new release will not really have a special associated to it. That is the reason for the pre release special so that you can get a special price prior to a fresh release.

    But we will have something. Most likely though for the old customers that have inactive support preventing them to upgrade to the latest release.

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