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    How much bandiwdth is required for...

    Hello ,

    How much bandwidth is required to run a counter strike source server 18 players?

    so say i wanted to sell a css server how much bandwidth would i need to let it have?


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    1 Server would probably use a little less then ~1mb/s , you could probably run a few with a 1000GB Transfer server.
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    Less than that, you could get away with 500GB no problem. For a small server (say 10 slots) you could run a server fully boosted and still get away with it. If you will be running multiple servers you'll want to invest in something with a little better specs.

    keep in mind CPU = How man simultaneous Players
    and you RAM = How many simultaneous Servers

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    I have two 32 slot CS servers running on my machine, they're 45 tickrate. When they're full they use about 4mb/sec. For precise bandwith usage go here .

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