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    Getting my website back?

    Hope someone to help

    I have my own business and we have fallen out with our hosting company.

    I have a dedicated server with a different company and want to move my site across to that server.

    What do I need to relocate my site?

    From my understanding if I have the ftp details and dreamweaver it is straight forward? Or is there any other information I require?

    Thanks for any advice?

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    As long as your account with your virtual host is not suspended, you can always access the files via ftp and do the transfer that way. Or spend a bit of $$$ and get some techie to do it for you.

    You will normally require a domain/ip address, account username and password.

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    Your datafiles are only part of your concern. I do hope that you weren't with a company that registered your domain name for you and never gave you access to its control panel?

    To move your domain across to your new server you are going to need to alter the domains nameservers to point at your new account.

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