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    Book or manual on maintaining a Windows web server?

    I was contemplating getting a dedicated Windows 2K server, and wondered if anyone knew of a good reference manual for taking care of it. W2K itself is familiar enough, but I have no experience with managing an exclusive web/email server with a goal of high uptime, or administering it remotely.

    A guide would be helpful to what care and feeding is advisable, and how frequently; whether any essential tasks cannot be done remotely with pcAnywhere or similar, etc.

    (The server will not be used for reselling virtual hosting accounts.)

    -- Thanks

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    Lightbulb Microsoft web site...

    The MS website has a lot of great resources (you just have to hunt for them, unless you read this post and see all of these nifty URLs)

    IIS resources:

    IIS newsgroups:

    Books about IIS and windows:

    IIS 'insider':

    ASP development 'best practices'

    Dan Esparza
    CagedTornado web services

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