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    Question Looking for very small very cheap VPS

    Looking for small and cheap VPS for use to un just a remote name server (bind) and nothing else. I just bought one from for $8/month and happy with it so far. But I'm thinking about getting another one from a different physical location, perhaps outside the US, as another backup.

    So - small is good. The one from veggie is only 64mb of ram but that's enough to run my one application. Low resources, low bandwidth.

    Marc Perkel
    [email protected]

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    A long time ago I used them for shared hosting, they were good. This is £10/Mo. Fast UK network.

    A2b2's second lowest package. I don't think 32mb is enough for anything really. Not the friendliest. UK network + cheaper.

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    Hm, outside USA I know some UK based and Germany based companies. Germany based are generally something cheaper. Google search for "vps hosting inurl:de" will help you find some, first is HostEurope, but I cannot recommend them any longer.

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    I use vpslink's smallest package, and find it nice. I liked it so much that I also bought one of their bigger packages. When my year's up, I'll migrate from the small to the larger, even though I've done some cool things with the little one.

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