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    * Selling PowerBook G4 superb condition!

    I'm trying to sell my brothers PowerBook G4. He bought it last year and about a month later he got a windows notebook so he has no use for it, and hasn't used it much.
    It's in superb condition! Apple is doing battery recalls so you can even get a new battery for it. We have everything it came with, including the box. We just purchased the new Tiger os X so you'll get the cds for that..

    It's a PowerBook G4 has a 12 inch screen
    1.8 GHZ
    60 gb hard drive
    768 ram
    It has bluetooth

    If you're interested then feel free to add me to msn/email me my msn is [email protected] and my email is the same. I can provide you with pictures via msn/email

    I have a bit of good credit on webhosting talk, I sold my powerbook to 2uk2 and I have purchased/sold several websites to people..

    My brother doesn't speak English so that's why I'm doing this for him.

    Nathan N.

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    I forgot to include the price... I was thinking around 700

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    Price is negotiable because the money is needed ASAP to buy something else. So 600ish… feel free to call me the number is 858-353-3577

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