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    * ($12 ONLY!)

    I am currently the owner of i purchased the domain in hopes to group it with my psp website which it is currently connected to but i just have so much to do and can't handle 2 websites, it currently has a bit of traffic as i said i own the psp-stuff and we mentioned it a few times but i haven't got to working on it. I can ONLY accept paypal and this is for the domain only not the current site is is redirect to... I am only charging $12 for now so hit me up and i will hand it to you Any questions, concerns ect... can be asked via PM or below i can prove ownership or whatnot

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    Ok just a update, sorry to bump this but i already have 1 offer on the domain but i just want to make sure i am not making a mistake by thinking no one else is interested so if anyone is just PM me we can do the paypal transaction and the domain is yours.

    Also some info i might have left out... The domain is good until august 31st 2007 (9 Months) and with the release of the ps3 just 1 week ago this is the perfect time to collect or create a new ps3 website, the domain is also very cheap in terms of buying and it's a nice domain even with the dash.

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