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    Email and webspace manager for college


    We're working on a project for a new college that has set up. They're looking for a solution that will give them a system to give students their own Intranet login in so that they can access email and web space and other stuff..

    Either software we can install or a service they can pay for to a hosting company.

    Anyone got any ideas?



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    I think cpanel got a free version for college use. And you can use it to manage your web and email space given to each student. Another free software will be webmin

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    or you can use VHCS as well that is free too

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    THanks for the info. What I'm really looking for is a solution that I can pay for that will enable us to set up a subdomain and point it towards a hosting company that can provide some sort of management interface that can be used for setting up email boxes and user space.

    Can anyone help?



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