Bandwidth: Broadwing, Level3, Verio, PCCWGlobal/BTN low as $14/mbps!

This is an interesting play, as Broadwing was recently acquired by Level3.

Commit $/mbps
100 mbps $28.00
200 $19.50
300 $18.00
400 $17.25
500 $16.50
600 $15.75
700 $15.50
1000 $14.00

This offer is available on 1, 2, or 3 year terms

No requirements or restrictions on traffic characteristics

Pricing does not include loop or cross-connect

Offer expires Dec 31, 2006; but may be amended, changed, or terminated
at any time.

Available at the locations listed below.

Great routes to Asia! WCIX has incredible pricing on Verio, at all Verio locations.
Minimum 100 mbps commit. Call for pricing!


Level3 bandwidth available via Gige in major datacenters in the US, Toronto, and Europe.
Minimum 200 megs on a GigE -- $24.50/mbps
100 mbps on a FastE -- $25/mbps
1 year term

PCCWGlobal / BTNAccess
Great routes to Asia plus a strong US backbone.
PCCW Global bandwidth available via fastE or Gige in select Equinix datacenters.
1 year term, minimum 30 megs on a fastE, minimum 100 megs on a GigE
We will beat anyones pricing on PCCW bandwidth!
Minimum 100 megs on a Gige -- $15/mbps
100 mbps on a FastE -- $15/mbps
1 year term