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    Looking for decent web host


    I have been looking for a decent web host the last week.

    Im going to host a "small text" based game at the host.

    And I use between 1-100gb/month - bandwidth.

    I have some some cron jobs that update a mysql database every 10 minute and this seem to be the problem, because with 500-1000 users it take alot of ram and cpu.

    I have tryed a couple of other hosts that were unlimited bandwidth, but was told to find another host since the game consumed too much ram/cpu.

    So now im looking for a host that wont tell me to find another host

    I have been looking in here, but havent really found a match - since the hosts dont tell anything about cpu/ram usage.

    I need:
    php/mysql/ftp/1-100gb bandwidth pr. month/1-10gb space

    But the quistion is perhaps if I need some dedicated hosting instead of these cheaper solutions.

    Please help me with some advices


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    If you're tired of switching, you may want to try a VPS. I don't think you'll be able to find a shared hosting plan that really allows you to do what you want to do. Check the Offers section here, and you should find quite a few VPS companies listed, which you can further research.
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    Thanks will have a look

    Returning when I come up with something

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    Many shared hosting plans can give you what you need.
    Try hosts with 30 day money-back, and look up for promotions.

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    Or you may try optimizing the Mysql queries too.
    What's your budget anyway?
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    See what your budget is. based on it you can decide what solution would be fit your needs. Dedicated is good, it is not always a possibility depending on budget.
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    Well my budget

    I havent found anything yet, perhaps its because my budget is too low.

    The things I have looked on has way too high bandwith and way too much space etc vs. what I need.

    I would like to try to keep the budget at around 10-20US/month, but that is hard with VPS or dedicated.

    So I guess I would have to raise my budget to perhaps 50US/month
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    Maybe it would help all of the users of WHT to recommend you something if you could specify more closely the bandwidth, instead of just giving a wide shut on 1-100GB bandwidth and 1-10GB space. This is kinda help us to help you ... we need to know something more, or even better, you need to know a little better what your requirements are. 1GB of bandwidth with 1GB of space can be found even under $10/mo range, but 100GB of bandwidth with 10GB of space would be a total different story.


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    you can try, I'm with them 1.5 years, good email support, uptime, the only one issue is no phone support.

    Stay away from, I was with them 1.5 years too, they don't backup your data at all, after server crash I lost all my sites, my fault I did not backup frequently, I restored from old backup, and they close my accounts and said it was server abuse, but sites are working without it for 1.5year,they don't want to refund my money, said due to server abuse.
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    I ag with GlobalWebDan. I would recommend checking out JaguarPC and getting a VPS plan there. I was with them. I started with a $39.99/mo plan, and in a blink I had grown to their $79.99/mo plan. I don't use them anymore (I have gone on to a dedicated server), but I would highly recommend them.
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    php/mysql/ftp/1-100gb bandwidth pr. month/1-10gb space
    1-100? You have to be more specific. There's a huge difference between 1gb bandwidth and 100gb bandwidth.

    I would recommend searching on

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