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    * Quota Problem on VPS 3GB in WHM but double in SSH

    hi all,
    i have a Cpanel VPS with 10gb of disc space available. I have some account hosted on it that use 3GB of webspace (shown in WHM) However in "current Disk Usage (in WHM it shows up i use about 7GB! I cannot find any way to see where is this usage coming from. I know i have to calculate about 2GB for system ...
    So 10GB-2GB-3GB= 5GB available...
    Is there something wrong? Is there anything i miss?

    thanks for help

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    When CPanel is setup in the first place with all the system files, it uses a couple of gigs (around 2 - 4?) already.

    Hence if you rent a VPS with 10GB advertised, the actual space you are likely to have for your accounts is 5GB max.

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    arn't there files that can be deleted? using only 3GB of a 10GB is just a bit frustrating...

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    Check the size of your log files (apache error logs, domlogs, exim etc) and you can crop them to free up some disk space.

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    du -h --max-depth=1 /

    That will show where all the space is going in a given directory. Do that in / and then start to look in the other directories to see where the space is going.


    are two good places to check
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