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    PAYPAL client hasn't taken his d-products he has paid already

    He paid but hasn't used his memebership, maybe he will make a charge back?

    I do not know what to do, he paid for a membership but he hasn't entered the site nor has he taken any of our digital goods.
    He used paypal, now I am afraid he might claim a charge back, or maybe he is repented and doesn't want the memebership anymore, I do not want to loose the money, but a charge back would be even worse.

    Its been 7 days already since he paid!

    what would be the scenarios if I email him to check, and if I do not email him?

    what do you recommend me?

    (I have several sites, some are mine some are from small totally newbie clients, am a newbie myself)

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    I would write up a somewhat canned email reminder. Probably your safest bet as you really don't know his intentions at this point.
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    If you send membership details etc. by email the message may have been filtered out by anti-spam software. Email the client and ask him to confirm receipt of the membership.

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    thanks a lot to all of you!!!!

    I just hope he wont make a charge back, I will send him an email and try to give him good service

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    One more thing you can do is put in the payment confirmed page if you use the IPN is that they will receieve an email to check to make sure that there spam filters have not interupted it Mcafee has a service now that blocks spam you dont even know it has.

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    Maybe he also had a medical emergency, a family member died, etc and he just has not logged into the site?

    With the canned email as suggested above, make sure that it is in plain text to help bypass some filters. You might want to take a look at to see if your mailing IP address is on some type of a blacklist

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