IPG is dedicated to providing fast, reliable services for a cheap price.


Streaming Server Specs:
Dual Xeon 2.4 with Hyper Treading
1Gig of ECC Ram
200Gig Raid 1
100Mbit uplink to switch
1 Gig Fiber uplink from switch to core

Shoutcast Streams:

For WHT members we are cutting 5 cents off of each stream
All prices are listed per stream per month.

Starter Package 1-100 streams up to 128kbps for 0.50
Premium Package 101-300 streams up to 128kpbs for 0.45
Platinum Package 301+ streams up to 128kbps for 0.40

We will configure your shoucast server as requested. Any avaible port above 8000 maybe used if open. If you wish to use a port that is in use we can set your stream up on a dedicated IP address for an extra monthy fee of $2.

If you require disk space to store mp3's for streaming you can receive a discount on any streamng package listed above. We can also run such programs as SC Trans on our servers to stream your music.

If you would like to order 2 bit rates for dial-up and broadband users we can relay the broadband stream to the dial-up stream.

Please email [email protected] for orders and any questions.