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    Cpanel & Lighttpd

    I keep reading this is possible, SoftLayer's staff told me its compatable with minor tweeks and some server geek's of mine.

    This true? I want JUST lighttpd, I dont really care for .htaccess, etc I'm going to sell hosting but to people that wont be needing .htaccess files, etc...

    I've been using my good friend lighty for some time now, its great my avg load went from 3% roughly onmy forums (server wide) which monitor them every 10 sec then update, now its around 0.00 or 0.03 depending on how many people are posting

    Also image load times have drastically increased.

    I hope this is true..
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    I actually ran some servers with cpanel and lighttpd on different IPs,you just need to work on httpd.conf and change Listen directives.

    But is it possible to use lighttpd with mod_proxy too.

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