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    HardDrive/Memory help

    Looking to upgrade cheaply, want to get a 20gig HD, I don't need that much as what the market has right now (120G!?) Just a regular surfer, emailer, ... couple real small websites... thats it. I am not technical so what should I look out for and what drives are the best? I've heard Western Digital and Maxtor are the best...

    Also... I've got a real old cpu that works very well, but needs some memory. The new memory out there seems to be longer in length than what fits into my cpu, I wanna get some more mem (128) but need to buy the smaller type mem and in pairs!! Am I making sense (thats what a techie guy told me) If I am, what is the terminology that I should look for for this type of memory? Thanks...

    OH AND how much should I pay for the above?


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    Western Digital, is rated among techies as the best HD producer. However i picked up a maxtor 40GB 7200 RPM Drive for $60 by using A 20GB 5400 RPM hard drive would be alot less.

    I think your memory slot is a SIMM (I BELEIVE). Computers now are DIMM(I beleive). I might have mixed thos up, finding that old style memory is a bit difficult unless you find it used. However most of the older mother boards only support a small amount of memory. Such as one of my first computers, i pumped that thing with the old style ram, and the mother board could only handle 64MB.

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    Go to, put in your computer model, at least then you will know what to look for if they have it. In my opinion, do not trust computer center at places like best buy when looking for ram, incase your thinking about it, never a good idea
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