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    Question Inexpensive unmetered 10-20mbit?

    I'm looking at the 20mbit server at servermatrix for $259.00 a month.

    Processor Intel 2.4GHz Celeron Processor
    RAM 1GB RAM*, Upgradeable to 2GB
    Hard Drive 80GB HDD
    Bandwidth Unmetered
    Uplink Port 20Mbps Unmetered*, Upgradeable to 100Mbps Unmetered
    IP Addresses 5 IP Addresses*, Upgradeable to 61 IP Addresses

    It's a bit more than I would like to spend, and the server specs worry me. Is there a better deal anywhere that I should be aware of? Perhaps something cheaper or with better hardware?

    I plan to use the server primarily as a video host (fan site), but I would also like it to be able to support a main site and forums as well. I also suspect all of which will recieve relatively high traffic. I would feel much better if it was at least a pentium since I have always had a thing against Celerons.
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    I run a similar website: Fansite plus video downloads. However if you start to get serious amounts of traffic, you'll notice that it is not very practical to run both the website and downloads on the same server.

    My setup is like this: One fast server on good quality bandwidth, just for the website. To handle the downloads I use two metered servers (3TB each, on 100Mbit) to handle peaks due to new material. The rest of the downloads is handled by an unmetered 20Mbit server.

    When we just started out I ran everything on a 10Mbit unmetered server. 10Mbit promised 3000GB, way too much for my site at that time. However as it turns out...only 1 visitor with a fast broadband connection has to download something, and the whole site slows down. Just because the 10Mbit pipe is completely filled up by a few downloads. So that didn't work too well

    Feel free to drop me a PM if you want more details about my setup

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    Definitely do a search as music said. There are quite a few different providers. Does the location of the server matter to you at all? - High Bandwidth Specialists - 100TB/1Gbps/10Gbps Unmetered/CDN/DDOS Protected
    Over 20 Global Locations - Asia, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, US, CA, EU - Bare Metal and Virtual Cloud. All Managed.
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    Get a box from FDC servers which is 100mbit unmetered but is shared. Real world I think you can get 20-30mbit from their servers.
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    You guys are starting to confuse me... lol. So what is my best option here for video downloads? Paying for limited bandwidth worries me, since I would rather have slow speeds than nothing left. Also, couldn't I setup a speed rate and/or a certain number of download slots with an unmetered server to keep one or two fast connections from slowing me to a crawl?

    Since I'm on a budget, from what I can tell the best I could do is a 20mbit server for $199 a month and a limited bandwidth for $69 or so a month for the site and forums. I really can't afford anything more than that. The idea behind those FDC servers sounds great, but is it actually very reliable? I would rather have a slower connection that is mine than sharing a roller coaster ride with 100 other people.
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    orangefiber is a good candidate as well.

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    Alright, this is what I'm looking at after going through the hosting offers section.

    (through ManageMyBox)

    INTEL Pentium 4 2.8GHz
    1024MB DDR RAM
    120GB 7200RPM Hard Drive
    1500GB Standard Bandwidth
    CentOS 4.3 or Fedora Linux 4
    100Mbps Port + 10 IP Addresses (20 Max)
    Management Included (Info)


    This will be for the main site and forums. It seems like a great price, at least if I don't get cpanel or anything extra. Speaking of that, do I need cPanel/WHM/Fantastico? I'm a newbie, but I love to get down and dirty, so I have no problems getting a book on linux server management and playing around the command line. I prefer it actually. Anyway, my question is this, has anyone used HostMyBox, and/or does this sound like a decent server for what I'll be using it for?

    I probably won't need the 20mbit server for a few months, so I'm looking at this to get the site up and running before I add it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by peruviantalk
    Only do metered servers if you know what your doing , if you overuse your bw limit because of ddos attacks or surprising things then you will end up paying alot (I know I did!).
    Most unmetered deals have no overage charges.

    But you bring up a good point......READ THE AGREEMENT..... TERMS OF SERVICE...... AUP.

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