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    Need information on http traffic coming from an Alphared IP


    I have a basic knowledge of web-hosting in general and would like a bit more on this particular topic please.

    I've been monitoring packets on a network and can see a huge amount of port 80 traffic going to a particular PC. I did a check on the IP and it belongs to a company called [] (with the www)

    There is very little traffic going to this IP from the computer. Is this a streaming video? I have seen reference to the company at this link that indicates the posibility: [](with the www)

    I have seen reference to the company that suggests that it might be malicious on this page: []

    I noticed on the wed that many porn sites use this company.
    Should i be asking [[email protected]] instead?

    Any help,background info or method/software on how to learn more is much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

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    AlphaRed / OrangeFiber are very big providers of high volume bandwidth at REALLY nice prices. Most likely a lot of data is downloaded by your users from sites hosted at this datacenter. It's most likely legal use, and most likely users on your end downloading content from their datacenter - which may happen to be porn in this case.
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    Thanks for your help on this
    Any more comments on this are appreciated. Recent trends, other things to look out for etc.

    I knew this would be a good place to ask

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