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    Looking for good host

    Hey guys, i am looking for a host with more than 20 gb storage and unlimited bandwidth ...

    As i would like to upload music of 20 gb, i would like to send the hosting company the cd's with the music on them and they can put them on my site ...

    I also want the hosting to be cheap ... anyone know any host that offers that ??

    Thank you in advance

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    Well, there is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth, so you will have to re-evaluate your specifications that way.

    20GB of storage is something that a VPS, or a low-end dedicated server would provide. Shared, Resellers are generally out of the question unless the web host is massively overselling.

    What kind of music is this that you wish to upload? Is it your own because hosts will not allow the upload of illegal music.

    Web hosts, as far as I know, don't upload content for their customers.

    With what you're asking, the hosting won't be cheap unless you feel like getting cut off by any host.
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    Your looking at a price of about $60+ with maybe 300 gig bw, so whats your budget like ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by phpfreek
    Hey guys, i am looking for a host with more than 20 gb storage and unlimited bandwidth. I also want the hosting to be cheap ... anyone know any host that offers that ??
    Well your definition of cheap could be different from mine, but you would find reliability with cheap hosting that offers your requirements, simply put.
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    Smile Hi

    May I know your location???
    If you want to buy a server then chose a webhost near to your location.
    It would be very useful for you..
    Price details slightly different among the providers.
    But before buy a server you should check their security & 24/7 service.
    Thanks& Regards

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    As the guys here have said, cheap is subjective. Most hosts offer a lot of bandwidth these days because they rely on the law of averages: i.e. 1 user out of 100 might upload their quota, but the other 99 wont even come close to it.

    As most people will agree, don't let price influence your choice of host as the #1 factor - if you can find the bandwidth you need and good support, pay a little extra.

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    I'm thinking there will be legal risks if your asking a hosting company to load CD's of music onto your server for you... you might want to rethink your "looking for hosting" add.

    I would assume by your add that your wanting to start a file sharing server... "cheap" for something your looking for is about 60 - 200 a month, depending on person. Define "cheap" ?

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    THe idea of sending the hosting company the CDs and expecting THEM to post them for you is ... naive, to put it mildly.

    And, yes, there is no such animal as "unlimited" bandwidth either.
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    Hi I'm using and it is good

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