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    Automated domain installation

    Hi guys, we've got some software that needs to be able to install domains on our linux servers without using a control panel. It needs to be able to edit the dns files and httpd.config etc. Anyone seen anything like this floating around? I'm sire we aren't the first ones to need such a script.

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    What do you mean, without using a control panel?

    Write your own software similar then?

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    so use bind-dlz (, then to add a domain u just need to run one sql query - family business, small travel agency in Poland

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    Thanks, i'll look into that. The only other problem is to edit the httpd.conf and setup the virtual host section. We can't seem to do it through php. perl would probably do it, but my programmer doesn't use perl.

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    Why don't you do what I do -- have a separate directory for all your individula entries, then just add that entire directory as a wildcard include? Should work as you expect; each time you need to add a domain, just add a file in that directory.
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    can you go into more detail? That sounds like exactly what we would like to do. Maybe an example?

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    We were able to go into our virtual host section in the httpd.config and point all of our domains to a single index file. Our software determines the domains and page to display off of that. Is there a way to do a wildcard dns setup for domains instead of sub domains? Can you wildcard the virtualhost section of the httpd.config?

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    Any ideas guys? Anyone done anything similar to a wildcard virtual host setup? Is it even possible?

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    or is there any mods out there to allow you to control the apache virtual host section with a mysql database?

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