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    Hosting Matters - apparently not.


    I have hosted with for a number of years. I've set up clients and friends there, and have been quite pleased.

    Traditionally, if I ever have an issue, I fire off an email to [email protected] and receive a response back, usually within the hour.

    A little over a week ago, I forwarded a piece of spam that I got, asking if my Mailscanner settings should be adjusted based on the spam header that was there. I heard nothing back.

    I followed up to the open ticket - still nothing.

    I sent another email. Nothing.

    Finally I sent one more last night, explaining that their response time was terrible - and the fact that this happened has kept me from placing 2 new clients with them.

    I've never received this non-responsiveness from them before, was wondering if anyone knows what's up over there.

    And was basically looking for a similar host who is reliable, and has decent Spam catching tools since the influx has gotten pretty bad in the last several weeks.

    Hostgator? Or...?

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    Hi Erik

    Sorry to have heard about your issue with HM. They do have a forum at , have you tried contacting them through their forums? Also one week and no response does seem a bit outrageous, are you sure their response emails werent being put into your junk mail box possibly?

    Good luck and be sure to do some research on any future hosts you wish to signup with, especially here at WHT.

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    Yes, this doesnt sound like hostmatters at all. I would also suggest checking their forums though since you haven't had a support response. - Quality Web Hosting - Under A Gig! - Since 1999

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    Yeah, I know about the forums, but the support tickets have always gotten quick responses from Annette or someone else. Not this time...

    And I check my junk box regularly, so I know it's not getting trapped there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by epmadsen
    And I check my junk box regularly, so I know it's not getting trapped there.
    This may be a longshot suggestion BUT does the support desk have your "correct" email to respond to?
    Have you been able to log back into the support desk to check the status. I thought maybe the ticket might have been answered but failed to mail out or possibly mailed to the wrong email address. - Quality Web Hosting - Under A Gig! - Since 1999

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    yeah, I logged in with my regular email address (that I host with them) - it's the same one I use for all of my clients, and it's the same one that I received the ticket response on.

    Funny, now I'm getting a message that says:

    Fatal error: ERROR: You do not have access to this ticket. in /home/hostmatt/public_html/helpdesk2/modules/tickets/client_tickets.php on line 138

    but still, haven't received even a response from last night.

    Guess I'll visit the forums over there, I thought someone here might know something else.

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    Because you forwarded 'spam' to them, there is a chance this got picked up by their spam filters and tossed. Do they have a phone number listed? There has been a HUGE influx of spam in the last three weeks. To be honest with you, there are hosts out there whos mail servers can not keep up with it. Never before have we seen such a sharp increase in spam levels even through our own servers. I'm sure your host is not ignoring you. If they have a contact form on their site, try that. I hope you find your issues resolved ASAP.
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    Certainly "possible"... except it doesn't explain the other two emails I've sent from scratch which had more to do with "How come I'm not getting a response from you guys?"

    At least the Spam one I forwarded got a ticket ID assigned to it.


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    How about a client-side spam stopper like CloudMark? Maybe try giving them a quick call if they wont/cant reply to your email.. - Web hosting reviews by a 10+ year industry veteran

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