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    Need Entertainment/Sports Site Design - $250+ - Urgent

    I'm looking to purchase a design for a popular entertainment/sports news website this week. The current design is enough to get by providing the content that our fans love, but I want something that ups the stakes and indicates our commitment to professionalism. We deal with entertainment industry professionals and network execs on a daily basis; our design needs to express such.

    Request: Design for an entertainment and sports news website. This includes a home page design and a template for content (articles, privacy policy, static content pages, etc).

    Note: The content template need not be a great stray from the homepage design; it simply needs to allow us to easily integrate stories and website data into the new design. It can virtually have the same design, although a unique content page is obviously preferrable.

    Specific Needs: Coded page with sliced/editable graphics in PSD format, along with a basic logo to use on the top banner and other promotional images.

    A design as a WORDPRESS 2 THEME is highly preferrable, since we currently use WordPress as a CMS. This is not a must, but an ability to code the design as a wordpress theme would be a huge plus.

    Fee: We can pay between $200-300, but barring extenuating circumstances (ie, you have an amazing concept for the design), I would need most of it done by this weekend.

    Similar Websites: Websites with a similar approach to presentation include...

    Other Notes:
    *We would greatly appreciate if you could provide a (very) rough draft before contracting to do the job, especially if you seek a down payment. Since very few designers actively produce entertainment news layouts, your portfolio, while helpful in showing off your skill level, won't necessarily give us all the information we need about your ability to complete the job. We're not interested in stealing your work - do whatever you need security-wise to feel comfortable sharing the rough draft.

    PM is the best option; if you have AIM, include your screen name in the reply message. You can also email at [email protected].

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    I've sent a pm
    Thank you,

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    mail send sir

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    I could help you out with this.

    Please let me know.

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    I'd love to help you out.

    Here's my portfolio:

    My AIM: deenfik



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