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    Host Maven - 25% More Disk Space & Bandwidth/Free Backup/RAM Upgrade

    Host Maven is wishing all the Americans here a very Happy Thanksgiving! Host Maven is a new brand started by true professionals in the industry. The founders are backed by over 5 years of extraordinary experience!

    Offers & Plans

    All VPS plans will come with free backup (off-server). We will setup the backup for you, via rsync to one of our backup servers, free of charge! Also, all plans' bandwidth and disk space are increased by 25%! Finally, we will be throwing in a free 128 RAM upgrade to the first five orders!

    You must mention free backup in the comments field to receive the free backup!

    If at any time you wish to compare our VPS plans, you can do so here.

    Virtual Private Server 1 (V1)

    13 GB of Disk Space
    188 GB of Data Transfer
    128 MB Guaranteed RAM
    RAM Burstable to 512 MB
    Free 3 IPs

    Control panels are not available on this plan.

    $19.99 a month.

    Order Now!

    Virtual Private Server 2 (V2)

    19 GB of Disk Space
    281 GB of Data Transfer
    256 MB Guaranteed RAM
    RAM Burstable to 512 MB
    Free 3 IPs

    $29.99 a month.

    Order Now!

    Virtual Private Server 3 (V3)

    31 GB of Disk Space
    469 GB of Data Transfer
    384 MB Guaranteed RAM
    RAM Burstable to 1 GB
    Free 3 IPs
    Free Domain (com, net or org. No other TLDs are permitted, non-refundable under any circumstances)

    $44.99 a month.

    Order Now!

    Virtual Private Server 4 (V4)

    63 GB of Disk Space
    625 GB of Data Transfer
    512 MB Guaranteed RAM
    Fully Burstable RAM
    Free 3 IPs
    Free Domain (com, net or org. No other TLDs are permitted, non-refundable under any circumstances)
    Free Control Panel of Your Choice
    Free Flash Tutorials (Non-refundable under any circumstances)

    $64.99 a month.

    Order Now!


    All plans include these features and much much more!

    • Professional Technical Support
    • No Contract
    • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    • No Questions Asked 15 Day Money Back Guarantee
    • Free Setup
    • Extremely Powerful Dual Opteron Server
    • Full root access - Full access to your VPS
    • Choice of Operating System: CentOS, Debian, or Red Hat. Other operating systems are available upon special request.
    • Unlimited Domains/Accounts
    • Free Private Nameservers
    • Free Account Transfers
    • Free Virtuozzo Power Panel
    • Free 3 IPs

    Please note:

    As described in many places, all of our are plans are unmanaged by default. We offer management for an additional $25 a month, which includes unlimited administration hours. We insist that you read our unmanaged FAQ before purchasing any VPS plans.

    This special is valid from today until November 30th or when all available nodes fill up. At any time after November 30th, you will not receive these great deals!

    This special is only valid for new orders. No existing order may be upgraded to this special, for any reason.

    If you wish to receive free backup, you must mention it in the comment field. Also, your VPS account will be sat up before your backup account. Please allow up to 72 business hours after your VPS account is sat up for backup account.

    Our Guarantees

    99.9% Uptime - Uptime is very important to a website. When your site goes down, you can lose many sales and visitors in only matter of a few seconds. This is why we offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This means in a given calendar month, your website will be up 99.9% of the time, or you will get that month's payment free to your account. (Certain restrictions do apply, please see our TOS for more details information)

    15 Day Money Back - We realize that sometimes we may not be right for you, for whatever reason that may be. While we strive to be the best, sometimes we fail to meet our standards. This is why we offer a no-questions asked fifteen money back guarantee. This means within any of your original 15 days of account creation, you can cancel your account, and we will refund your money. Please note that any control panel licensing fee are non-refundable under any circumstances.

    More information is available on our website.

    Why Choose Us

    We want you to have the best web hosting experience possible, by choosing Host Maven. Below are just some of the many reasons on why you should choose us and not the next guy.
    • We only hire only the best. The founders of Host Maven have over five years of proven experience in the web hosting industry. While the company itself is new, the personnel behind it are proven professionals in the industry.
    • We offer a variety of web hosting options so that you can stay with the same web host as your site needs more resources.
    • Downtimes are a thing of the past. We offer only top-of-the-line network and hardware options. If, for some reason, we fail to meet our standards, we'll give you credit for a month of free hosting. (Subject to our TOS conditions.)
    • Our accounts are affordable for the average person. Do not let our low prices intimidate you about the level of service we provide.
    • We pride ourselves in customer support that's more than just satisfactory. All of our staff are trained heavily, allowing you to get the best quality support possible.
    • Your details are safe with us, the data that you provide to us is kept private and confidential. (See Privacy Policy for more information and exceptions.)
    • We know that not everyone starts out with Host Maven. If you are transferring from another host to Host Maven, we'll even move your site at no additional charge!
    • We offer a no questions asked 15 day money back guarantee. We understand that sometimes "it's just not the right fit."

    Pre-Sales FAQ

    What is Host Maven, and does it mean anything?

    Host Maven is a privately owned web hosting company. We specialize in customer service, priding ourselves in the excellent service we have with our customers. We believe the one-on-one approach allows for effective communication and allows us to get to know the customer better. We offer a variety of web hosting solutions including: Shared, Reseller and VPS Hosting.

    ma·ven also ma·vin pronunciation n. A person who has special knowledge or experience; an expert.

    Are there any contracts?

    No, there are not any contracts.

    What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal. For bi-annual and annual payments, we also accept checks and money orders.

    Can I purchase even though I live in another country?

    Sure! We don't limit our services to just the US. However, you must be able to pay via our accepted payment methods.

    Where can I obtain a speed test file?

    Our speed test files are located at:

    Will my website go down at all with you?

    We strive to ensure that your website will never go down. We use the best hardware and network to prevent downtime to the extent that we can. However, occasionally downtime is unpreventable. For such times, we offer an SLA (Service Level Agreement) of 99.9%. This means that in a single calendar month, your website will be up 99.9% of the time, or you'll be eligible for a free month of hosting. (Please see our TOS for more details.)

    What control panels are available, and how much for each?

    We offer cPanel at the price of $10 a month, DirectAdmin at the price of $5 a month, and Plesk at $6 a month. When ordering any control panel, please keep in mind that it will add additional setup time due to licensing. Please also note that control panel fees cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

    Are these managed or unmanaged?

    All VPSes are unmanaged. Management is currently offered for an additional $25 a month. For questions about what we do and do not do on our unmanaged plans please see this.

    How long does it take for my account to activate?

    Accounts are setup within 24 business hours. Typically, it is less than three. However, if you purchase any control panel, it may take additional time as the license may take some time to complete.


    Good, because we have answers! Feel free to contact us through any of these methods:

    Toll-Free Phone Number: 1-866-880-5454
    Contact Form:
    Email: [email protected]
    Support Portal:
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    we will be throwing in a free 128 RAM upgrade to the first five orders!
    Have the five been filled yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RMWebs
    Have the five been filled yet?

    Not yet. There is only one remaining though.
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