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    Mass Marketing Opportunity - TranceAirWaves Radio

    We are currently in the process of re-opening an online radio station called TranceAirWaves. Previously featuring artists as big as DJ Tiesto. Temporarily, we do have source servers, however we shall exchange Shoutcast bandwidth for banners on the main site as well as other instances where advertising is appropriate, featured alongside the labels & show specials. This offer will expire when the bandwidth / resource needs have been met.

    The minimal requirements for a standard ad package:
    10 Mbit Outbound / 1 Mbit Inbound / Shoutcast / Basic shell access to administer Shoutcast / Relatively low server load to prevent buffer/skipping issues. This relay has to be up 24/7, mass instability will void any campaign.

    The bandwidth levels will determine the frequency of your ads around the site, as well as potential other expansions and inclusions in larger event banners. We are heavily involved in global events and will not hesitate to market your company beyond simply a banner, the station does have affiliations with actual events, and we will in fact have TranceAirWaves gear with our lead sponsors on it.

    A side note: If you would like to become a leading IT sponsor, we do have a need for a rather beefy source server (the old one is functional however we would like to expand it). If you would like to discuss this, please contact me directly.

    If you are interested in this opportunity please contact me at: [email protected] ([email protected] - Available after the 23rd)

    Vlad Fadeyev
    Promotions & Marketing Manager
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