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    Question Opinion on Feature Price

    Has anyone here used Feature Price for any period of time? I've been using them for about 5 weeks and right now it's awful. Right now, for the third time this week, I cannot access email. If this is something that is basically a one time thing, I'll grit my teeth and bear it. If they have a history of problems, I'm going to look somewhere else right away.


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    Run a search. They are notorious around here.

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    Feature Price has had a large history of problems. I believe one of the most recent issues was their network being hacked.

    Moreover, they offer UNLIMITED bandwidth!? I'd stay away from any host that includes that in their packages.

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    Yes, there is plenty of information about

    Read this testimonial

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    i just finished reading the other featureprice thread and now there's another one about them!

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    Been using FeaturePrice since May 4th and so far no real issues. There was some downtime. I noticed an upgrade in their FreeBSD from 4.4 to 4.6. I guess you would have to go offline a bit to install OS updates. I have a bot from when the site goes down, it not only emails me, but their sales unit, plus their US and Europe NOCs. Maybe they moved my site to a server that gets watched alot. So maybe that is why I have good service.

    I am researching the company and its owners to see who they really are (in particular Fathi Said). I have searched the Florida State Corporations Division (in good standing), Better Business Bureau (had some unsatisfactory resolutions of complaints now being cleared up after I questioned FeaturePrice about the rating), area newspapers (Looking for a 23Jun02 Tampa Trubune), magazines. There is a story behind it but I don't know where it will lead. Not sure what it is yet.
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