I recently picked up a dedicated server from this company (D-PS1 model + cPanel/WHM).

As I'm not completely knowledgeable about managing a server, I was in the market for a managed solution. My primary website was previous hosted by Knownhost's VPS XXLtx plan, which is excellent with their support to the point that I could not ask for more. I will most likely keep using their VPS for alternate sites or even a test server for planned upgrades/updates on the new dedicated box. As they do not offer dedicated options, and my site is growing at a fast rate, I needed more room to grow but was worried that I would not find a host that would be able to offer the support needed within my budget.

After shopping around for many days, I finally decided to submit some pre-sales questions to Scarabweb. They were answered very quickly and made me feel more comfortable, and I hoped that support would be just as fast and helpful.

I placed my order early Saturday morning, and by early Tuesday morning, the site was completely migrated with virtually all work done by Scarabweb. We are just awaiting DNS propagation to fully take effect (they even assisted heavily with helping me adjust the settings with my registar).

So far their support has been excellent (thanks Patrick!), with fast responses to any questions I've had and have done or offered to do everything for me. The server is running great and I plan to have more heavy growth and traffic spikes in the near future to test its abilities. I'll give a more thorough review with the longer term experiences in a few months, but I wanted to let everyone know of the first impressions that I've had with Scarabweb.