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    flash, php, streaming audio...

    Hey guys,

    Pardon my ignorance of most (all?) things hosting, but if someone could point me in a direction it would be greatly appreciated. I need a host that supports flash and streaming audio (embedded in the flash player, I think...) as well as php/my sql. I don't have a ton of data (less than 500mb total) and I don't anticipate major traffic. I simply need to put up a few sites and am looking to spend around $10/month. Dreamhost apparently doesn't support flash. Media Temple was recommended to me by someone else but they are way too expensive. Any ideas?


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    Your better off calling the audio file from XML. I think most any host nowadays supports Flash, PHP/MySQL. You can find hosting much cheaper than $10.00 a month. Post your hosting wanted advert in the right forum and you will get bombarded with offers.

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    OK, what would the right forum be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnyblotter
    OK, what would the right forum be?
    There is no right one

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