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    BGP Peer lookup site

    I have known of a few websites with tools to enter in an ASN and it would return back the peers above and below the specified ASN (essentially, find out which networks are actually connected to the ASN). I lost my bookmarks and am having a heck of a time finding one of the sites.

    Can someone please provide me with a link to one of the numerous sites?
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    10,574 ? Kind of useful, but of course not very accurate.
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    I always throw prefixes into BGPlay. Pro is it's up to date and accurate, con is it's java and works off a prefix, not an ASN
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    Possibly CIDR Report?

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    You might be referring to (which doesn't work anymore), or (which also doesn't exist anymore). As was mentioned above, RIPE's BGPlay works well and probably meets your requirements, or the (possibly more complete) BGPlay at A word of advice - BGPlay doesn't want to lookup prefixes if you enter something more specific than the corresponding summarized entry in routeviews' RIB.. so make sure you're using a prefix that matches their RIB and not something more specific. Needless to say, you can check that by 'sh ip bgp specific.prefix/mask' to see how it appears.

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    This one seems to be up to date

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