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Thread: Hello community

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    Hello community

    hello people,

    i just registered here and thought to drop a message.

    im a student from germany and find this place very interesting.

    in my free time im into designing and coding, so in the end I also interest for hosting etc.

    any questions? feel free to ask...

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    Hey there, welcome to WHT
    What kind of designing are you in to?

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    Thanks for welcoming me!

    Im into many kinds of designing...

    Websites, layouts, logos, banners, interfaces...that would be most of the stuff I design.

    Then I designed so called "levels" for a well known shooter game. I dunno, I made around 16 official ones and like 30-40 on my HD never been released.
    But I havent been into this for quite some time...working with Photoshop etc. gave me more fun!

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