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    I am a host and i follow the laws of my country when it comes to my country. So if someone is hosting hacking related material I will terminate their hosting or report them to proper authorities if needed.

    Hacking is an attack on personal property. Sure you'll host the hackers and what do you know next thing your clients are being attacked. There's money to be made but I think it's wrong and that servers should be guided by the laws where they are at. - Based entirely on web hosting user reviews
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    Is this an ad? Or are you trying to get a conversation started? It's hard to tell!

    Anyway, it is definitely a great idea to follow the laws of your own country and in any country in which you advertise, or have many clients from. Not only do you not want to cross the law, but it's just plain the right thing to do.

    So good for you for standing up for what is right - if only more (smaller) hosts would do the same thing!
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    Yeah, it's hard to tell what you are trying here but I appreciate your ethics, keep it up
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