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    Quad Opteron 8212 vs. Dual Xeon 5320 Cloverton

    We currently have two new Quad Opteron's and we were looking to move our last old Dual Xeon 2.4 Ghz (From The Planet) to a new Quad Opteron. Our provider is currently out of stock on the Quad Opty but said they just got a new shipment in on Dual Xeon 5320's.

    My sales rep says the performance is almost the same between these two boxes, and it will save me a small bit of cash. I was just wanting to get some opinions on these boxes.

    Both would run 4GB RAM (Opteron = DDR2, Xeon = FB-DIMM)
    Both would run 3x 73GB SAS-SCSI Drives in RAID5

    Thanks for the help!

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    Honestly I wouldn't buy any quad core xeon now, wait till 1st qtr 07 when the release the newer ones which will be MUCH faster than these. The current quad core is more for the marketing rights to say we have quad core!!

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    Arent the current quadcore CPU's just two dualcores sticked together?

    The new AMD quadcore ("quadfather" ) will be a true 4-core processor though, I think

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