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    Is servage down???

    Can you guys access ????

    cause I can't...

    + all my sites are down

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    Coming up fine for me.

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    it seems on line ;)
    It is ok for me too. Have you tried a proxy server? Maybe it is a temporary DNS issue

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    Thread moved to Providers and Network Outages and Updates.

    Can you guys access ????
    Using can usually give you a quick answer regarding a site's availability in other parts of the world.

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    if you cant access a specific site(just like in this situation) you can use to check it for down/up availability.

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    Wasn't servage a scam hosting company ?

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    No.. I've never heard that said about Servage.

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    #1: A hardwarefailure at DIX (Danish Internet Exchange) caused customers by the danish ISP's TDC, Cybercity (and possible more) to be unable to access the Servage Network.

    As I suppose you are danish you can take a look at
    (Stefan Fallesen is the CEO of Servage)

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    * Same here

    Althou my site is up with servage. I cannot login in admin account so i cannot update my site.. Big prblem with servage.. =(

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    All my sites at Servage are working fine.

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    servage is down

    hey how about if you login at your
    coz i cannot login in my account. athou my site is up.

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