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    Question Tomcat issue with URI's

    Hi All,

    We are currently trying to deploy a WAR file onto our Tomcat box. This application seems to work fine in other similiar environments but not on this box. We have got the application to a state that it now runs however whenever there is a URI in the URL it just generates a blank white page i.e:

    The first URL is served fine, the second one is not:

    catalina.out log shows the error:

    MAPPING configuration error for request URI /images/1pixel2.gif

    Any general idea's on what may cause this? We are stumped as to whether it is an applicaiton or server side problem. I would be grateful of any suggestions.

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    Apparently you are deploying Struts based application. You need somebody with enough skill set to check your xml files below WEB-INF and in Tomcat container such as server.xml, web.xml, struts-config.xml, etc.

    Open Solution, Inc

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