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    Help with 301 Redirect

    Ok, I have an old web page where I want the entire page to redirect to a new one.

    The old one is (some content edited)

    The new web page is:

    I have made a .htaccess file using notepad, making sure it's not saved as a .txt file.

    Notepad has wordwrap off.

    In the file I have:

    redirect 301 /

    I have uploaded it to the root directory of the old site using CuteFTP in ascii transfer mode.

    Now when I access

    It wants to go here:


    That is the exact URL that I get above, except for "newpage" and "name" have been changed.

    So what am I doing wrong?



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    Just for the record, on another web site, someone suggested adding a "/" so it would be:

    redirect 301 /

    But now it comes up as this:

    I can't stop it from combining the directory of my old site with my new one.


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    Gotta love replying to my own posts. This did the trick thanks to a guy in the newsgroups. (Yes they are still good for something)

    redirect 301 /personal/name/

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