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    * {CUSTOM DESIGNER NEEDED} for two projects...

    Hi all.

    I have been very impressed with the portfolios of many designers here and am looking for someone who could help boost the design of my website with some icons to liven it up a little.

    Overall, the colourscheme and layout of my site seems quite good but it would be good if someone could add some icons (such as an envelope icon for contact, home icon for my homepage etc etc) amongst my pages. The icons would also have to fit in with the colourscheme of my site overall.

    If someone could come up with some designs or give me some examples of past work, I would be most grateful. If I do choose your services, there is another similar site which will be launched next month and icons would also be needed for that layout so there is the potential for additional work in the future.

    Here is my current site and this is the site I would like a reworking off please... - there are four pages in total (homepage, movieclips page, subscribe page and contact page).

    Thanks in advance - Dav
    Gotta check out this superb site...

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    i can do this work for you,
    my portfolio is in my signature.
    Please pm me if you are interested.

    thank you

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    I have received loads of PMs but would just like to state that I do not actually need a new template.

    I am looking for someone to design me 19 small icons specifically for my site using the colourscheme of my site.

    Hope that clears things up - thanks very much.
    Gotta check out this superb site...

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    This position has been filled by Ypson.

    Many thanks for everyone who PM'd me their portfolio though - most appreciated.

    Cheers - Dav
    Gotta check out this superb site...

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    Congrats to Ypson!

    Anyway, we could have offered also, but no problem. Ypson is a great guy.

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