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Thread: Appending a URL

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    Appending a URL


    I am in need of a solution to appending a URL that would address 2 issues.

    I want to setup a text box and a submit button on a page that when text is entered into the box and the submit button is clicked, the contents of the tex box are appended to the end of a URL and the user is directed to that page.

    Example: the url would be somthing like this

    And if a user entered the word "Books" into the text box and clicked the submit button the user would be directed to this URL -

    Also, in the event the user didn't enter anything into the box, or enter text that didn't match a category, I need to redirect them back to the page with the text box and submit button or to a custom error page.

    I am sure I could explain this better if I was a little more experienced but I'm not.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Switch your form method to GET, and name the text box "category" and you are done.

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    Thanks for the help.

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