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Thread: HiVelocity down

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    HiVelocity down

    I can't get to their site, or one of mine - It has been down for at least 10 minutes.

    Can anyone else get to their site?

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    same here. is it scheduled?

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    Seems to be something with their routing, as I can connect to my server trough one of its IPs - but not the other.

    Rules out power failures..

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    are your IPs in sequence **.**.**.10-15

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    Everything is down now..

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    do think its power failure? or changing routers?

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    I spoke to live support - they are working on 'something', but there is no ETA.

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    they should do stuff like this at night or something...

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    I'm having problems as we speak, we have two servers on the same DC (DC2), one has been working for a while, the other one stopped a few minutes ago.

    Oh look! They came back up. And hivelocity is working now...

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    Yep, everything is back up now.

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    We apologize for the brief issue. The network wasnt down but was running very slow. We had a hardware failure on one of the Gbics on the core router. The Gbic has been replaced and we are back to normal. Sorry again for the troubles.

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    *edit* Never mind - just a hiccup.

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    your down again.

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    The replacement Gbic just needed to be fitted more snug that is why there was the short hiccup after my last post.

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