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    [UK] One server available

    Were gonna have coming up one server available in our colo space, basically we have set up some more equipment and there is a spare unit for an extra server which we decided to fill up with a decent spec machine and lease it out as we have plenty of bandwidth that we do not use.

    The server would not have any control panel software, we can install the OS of your choice no problem, youll have to install your own control panel or if you give us a license key/program we can also install it for you.

    The server is likely to be a dual Xeon 2.8 machine with scsi RAID1 73GB drives, or you can have one big RAID0 if you prefer? The machine will be a Dell poweredge 1U server or an IBM Xseries, we have a couple spare.

    The server will come with 1000GB of bandwidth, hosted in a UK based datacentre, here is a test file and IP address :-
    Ping -

    These are both hosted on a machine that will be sat on the same switch as you so what you see above is exactly what you get. Will be looking to charge around 150 a month for the server, leave me a message of your interest and ill get back to you on availability.

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    If anyone has used the test file and thought hmm thats not very good, a tiny technical hitch that we have sorted now, never realised before as we dont use much bandwidth ourselves! HEres a 50mbit file fora better reading :-

    SErver still available, if anyone is interested just make me an offer its a spare space in a nicely under utilised rack, youll be sharing space with our own equipment that is paramount to have maximum uptime and performance so if your effected were effected

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