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    Does anyone have any idea how much InstantUnlocking would be worth ? ( I bought it with mobile phone unlocking in mind ? )

    Thanks in Advance Alex

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    Well considering that and not the most obvious idea of "cracking" "warez" coming to sure more then reg fee but less then 40$

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    Okie Doke - I think i might develop it then, i thought it might be worth more.

    I had not thought about the more illicit uses, as i am in the phone business. Thanks for your help anyway.


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    there are many free appraisal service, you can try one of them(search in google)

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    I tried a couple that were just a series of questions but they where quite subjective. Do you know or could you recommend any that have a real person look at the domain ?

    Thanks Alex

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    I own which is domain apprasial service. With that being said I will give you an appriasal for free.

    Based on the fact that page rank does not exist
    There are no links pointing to it
    Since there are no links back to it it will not be ranked well in google

    If you type in instant unlocking it comes up by any of the words by themselfs it will not come up in any of the first 4 pages.

    In yahoo under key works your site is not in the top 1000 for the following key words which are also in the meta tags
    Mobile Phone Unlocking[FONT=verdana,geneva,lucida,'lucida grande',arial,helvetica,sans-serif]
    [/FONT]Nokia Unlocking

    Under MSN and its not ranked in the top 1000 for the following key words which again are all your meta tag key words

    Mobile Phone Unlocking
    Nokia Unlocking Simfree

    Based on the fact that its not doing to good in terms of keywords if I was going to by the domain I would expect with template and all $40-$50 only.

    If you could get it ranked and optomized good that would raise the valuse of the domain up. Links back to your site are good. You want to focus on all the search engines but good is the most important.

    If you have any further questions let me know.

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