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    Web Hosting World

    Web Hosting World is a general webhosting forum, covering webhosting topics in general, but especially the UK market.

    I've skinned it to look like CPanel and therefore more familiar and therefore try to look more welcoming.

    However, I'd like to improve on the user experience and figure it was worth asking for second opinions.

    So if you have any suggestions or recommendations about improvements that could be made to Web Hosting World, then you're more than welcome to make them:

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    Your design has some interesting ideas.
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    Not a bad layout. Could use some touching up / logo etc. I think it flows nicely and is very user friendly. I am not one for google ads on a forum , but if it helps bring it some extra cash, go ahead. If you are going to offer advertisement in the future, I would remove the google ads so the only ads on your site are the ones that are paying you to be there.

    Over all : :

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    Looks far too much like a cpanel x skin, from our point of view the skin isn't that interesting although does the job, you may want to look at another style of design and get away from the cpanel look as web hosting isn't just cpanel. | low cost quality hosting
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    Overall it looks clean. But I agree with the post above, it looks too much cPanel.
    Maybe bring in some fresh icons or logos! Tune it a bit with graphics.

    If you want to stay at that design I got one thing I donīt like.
    On the left side in the main menu you got those links, before them you put black dots...either get rid off them or put them in the field of the menu. It looks a bit weird outside of the menu!

    Otherwise, good work...

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    Thanks for the comments - I think the issue of the Google Ads - recently moved to the left - was pretty fair.

    I've therefore removed those and opened out the forums more, so that it works better.

    The CPanel look is very intentional, to give a sense of familiarity, so will be staying for the time being.

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    I actually agree with the feedback about the cpanel look. I also think the forum misses a real logo. Personally I also think there's too much white. Maybe you can use some (very light) grey colors as well?
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    Signed up today. Spent some time there as you will probably notice.
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